National Museum of Folk Architecture, Pyrohiv / Pirogovo (Національний музей народної архітектури та побуту України)

I have done my best to put images in the correct sections. But I will have made mistakes so please let me know. I appear to have missed the Hutsul section altogether.

Mid-20th Century village




Southern Ukraine area



Poltava region



Wooden church from Middle Dniepro region

St. Michael the Archangel was originally Greek Catholic. It was thought to date from 1750 but analysis of the wood suggests that it might originally be 2 centuries earlier. It’s not just an historical monument; it has gone back to being a working church.



Windmills from 1880 to 1907








Resurrection church from the village of Kysorichi , Rivne region




Church of the Holy Martyr Paraskeva 




Middle Dniepro school




Church of St. Nicholas from the village of Zelene

Other bits

Actually I have a good idea where most of these should be. But they are somewhat leftovers!